Am I a Care Partner?

What is a Care Partner?

Many people do not recognize themselves as a care partner. Often people think of “care” as a 24/7 responsibility or provided by apaid professional. But individuals with dementia may have many friends and family members in their circle of care. A care partner may help with getting groceries, supply a ride to the doctor’s office, or help with activities around the house. A care partner may live with the person they help, they may live in the community, or they may provide care from a distance.

Care Partners and Research

Many studies require a “study buddy”, someone who can assist the participant with study activities and can report changes or adverse effects. Each study may have different requirements for the study buddy.  For example, a study focused on caregiver burnout may require the care partner to live with the person with dementia, an in-person clinic study may only require the care partner to drive the person with dementia to the site, and an interview study may only require a care partner who talks to the person with dementia on a regular basis. Participating in research can be a terrific way to help advance the science of dementia and improve the tools available to care partners. 

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