What is Aging Research?

What is Aging Research?

Aging Research can take many forms. From filling out surveys or participating in interviews, to online programs or drug and device testing, research participants help doctors and researchers learn more about aging, dementia, and caregiving.  Participation provides essential information so that scientists can improve the medications and programs available now and create new treatments for people in the future.

Is Research Safe?

Research participation in the United States is regulated in many ways to ensure that participants are informed of what their participation entails. Participants are told what adverse effects they may encounter and can end their participation at any time. Additionally, many types of research, particularly drug trials, have a mandated oversight process to ensure the study is being conducted safely and fairly.

How will I know if I can participate?
Each study will have a set of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Some studies may require participants to fall into a specific age range or have a particular diagnosis given by a doctor, or a study may exclude individuals that take certain medicines or have other health complications. Studies may also require a “study buddy,” someone who can assist the participant with study activities and can report changes or adverse effects.

If you are interested in a study and are unsure if you meet the inclusion criteria, you can reach out to the contact on the study flyer. Study staff are always happy to help potential participants to review a study, its inclusion/exclusion criteria, and what study participation entails. You can also reach out to one of our Aging Research Navigators. Our Navigators can help you to find a study that you not only qualify for but a study that will fit your life.

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