Living Alone with Memory Loss

Do you live alone? Have you experienced memory changes?


Do you know someone who lives alone and has experienced memory changes?

A project is being conducted by Towson University to understand the experiences of persons who live alone with memory loss or diagnosed dementia.

Participation involves:
- a single interview with the person who lives alone and completion of some brief memory questions.
- a phone or teleconference interview with a person that can speak about the general health of the person that lives alone.
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You likely qualify if:

- You live alone
- Have memory loss or a dementia
- Have an acquaintance who can speak about your general health


- You know someone who lives alone with memory loss or dementia
- You can speak about their general health
- The person who lives alone is willing to participate in an interview
Not sure if you are ready to participate?

Call (800) 679-2817 or use the calendar below to schedule a 15-minute call with one of our Aging Research Navigators.